Dennis Callan founded Counsel Mediation, LLC in 2001 after twenty-five years as the senior partner in a law firm focusing on real estate, construction, and business matters. His direct, realistic, and sensitive approach has proven highly successful for people seeking an alternative to the economic and personal stress of litigation.

As detailed in the Resume section, Dennis has excellent academic and legal credentials that are complimented by a real life, sensible approach to dispute resolution. His on-the-job experience in the construction industry evolved into a broad spectrum of commercial endeavors. As a result, he has been a principal and an advisor in multiple complex business, real estate, and construction transactions. These areas remain an emphasis for his mediation, arbitration and special master services.

Dennis is well known for his solid credibility, incisive perspective, and practical approach to problem solving. In addition to his mediation and arbitration services, his legal expertise and business background have led to many court appointments as a Special Master in various complicated and contentious lawsuits. Click on Special Master.

Contact Dennis when you require a very capable, reasonable, and absolutely dedicated alternative dispute resolution expert.



Attorney: (Retired) admitted Colorado and Federal Courts 1976
Special Master: Colorado District Courts
College Instructor: Real Estate Law, Colorado Real Estate Commission
Real Estate Broker: (Inactive)
Construction Business: Contractor / Subcontractor
Real Estate Developer: Principal
Owner Manager: Counsel Mediation, LLC
Volunteer Mediator: Summit County
Condemnation Hearing Chairman: Summit County

Professional Memberships: Past and Present

Fellow: Academy of Court Appointed Masters
American Bar Association
Colorado Bar Association
Member: Construction, Real Estate and Alternative Dispute
Chair: Law Office Management Committee
Colorado Council of Mediators and Mediation Organizations
Association for Conflict Resolution
Colorado Real Estate Educators’ Association
President: Continental Divide Bar Association
Representative: Continuing Legal Education


J.D., Law Review, Editor, Published, Cited
B.A., Economics, Magna Cum Laude
CDR Dispute Resolution Training Graduate
Straus Institute, Mediating Complex Construction Disputes

Mediation / Arbitration / Special Master
Business, Construction and Real Estate

Client List

Counsel Mediation, LLC Has Provided Services For The Following Law Offices

* Indicates multiple mediations, arbitrations or special master services

*Adam, Nancy
Allen & Vellone
Anderson, Dude & Lovel
Andersohn, Nathan L.
Appel & Lucas
Arnold, Helen
Astuno, John, Jr.
Atwater & Herren

*Bailey & Peterson
Baker & Hostetler
*Balcomb & Green
Barron, Daniel
*Barton, Alan
*Bauer & Burns
Bayer, Carey & McGee
Beck, Jonson & Nolan
Bell & Pollock
Bellhouse, Carol
Benjamin & DelPiccolo
Berenbaum, Weinshienk & Eason
Berg Hill Greenleaf & Ruscitti
Bloch & Chapleau
Bloodworth, Kristi L.
*Boog & Cruser
David Bost, Law Office of
*Peter Bornstein, Law Office of
Brady, Vorwerck, Ryder & Caspino
*Brooks, Gerald
*Burns, Figa & Will
*Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh & Jardine

Cage Williams Abelman & Layden
*Caloia Houpt & Hamilton
Campbell, Killin, Brittan & Ray
Campbell, Latiolais & Ruebel
*Carlson, Carlson & Dunkelman
Castle Meinhold & Stawiarski
Chambers, Dansky & Mulvahill
*Cazier, McGowan & Walker
Collins Cockrel & Cole
Cross, Sands & Sares

*Daniel Law Firm
*Davis, Ross Jr.
Dean, Dunn & Phillips
Dewhirst & Dolven
*Doak, Jon
Dufford & Brown
Dufford, Waldeck, Milburn & Krohn
*Dunlevie, Michael
Dunn, John W. & Associates
*Dunn, Keyes, Gelman & Pummell

Edwards & Taylor
*Enck, Dale R.

*Fairbanks, Jerry
*Fairfield and Woods
*Fattor, Joseph
Fisher, Sweetbaum, Levin & Sands
*Fisher, Eric
Fischer Law Firm
*Foster, Graham, Milstein, Calisher
*Frascona, Joiner, Goodman & Greenstein

*Garfield & Hecht
Garfield, J. Brent
Gelman & Norberg
Gregory R. Giometti & Associates
Ginsberg, Sheldon K.
Girsh and Rottman
Godfrey & Lapuyade
Godin & Baity
*Goodman & Wallace
Grimshaw & Harring

Hale / Westfall
*Hall & Evans
Halvorson, Vance E.
Hamilton and Faatz
Harris, Karstaedt, Jamison & Powers
Hayes Magrini & Gatewood
Hayes, Phillips Hoffman & Carberry
Heaphy, Michael J.
Heckman & O’Connor
*Helmer & McElyea
Higgins, Hopkins, McLain & Roswell
Hillyard, Wahlberg, Kudla & Sloane
Hogle – Visanni
*Holland & Hart
*Holley, Albertson & Polk
Holme, Roberts & Owen
Holloran, Michael J.
*Hope, Kenneth R.
Hoskin Farina & Kampf
Howard, Taggart H., Law Firm of
Hulbert Law Office
*Hustead Law Firm, The

Japha, David, Law Office of
*Jackson Kelly
Jacobs, Chase, Frick, Kleinkopf & Kelley
Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin

Karsh Fulton Gabler Joseph
Kelly, Lawrence J.
Kennedy Childs & Fogg
Koff Corn & Berger
Kiel, Trueax & Gold
Klauzer & Tremaine
Klug Law Firm
Koller, Law Offices of
Krovitz, The Law Firm of

Laff, Stein, Campbell, Tucker & Delaney
*Larsen & Lynch
Larson, Scott
Lasater & Martin
Lassalette, John M.
*Ray Lego & Associates
*Letofsky & Dombrowski
Burton Levin, Law Office of
Levine & Pitler, Law Office of
Levy, Morse & Wheeler
Lindsey & Bruce
Lindquist & Vennum

Montano, Duane
Marsh, Gary L.
Martinez, Anthony L.
Martinez & Associates
McConnell Fleischner Houghtaling & Craigmile
McConaughy & Sarkissian
McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter
McGloin, Davenport, Severson and Snow
Michael P. Medved, Law Office of
Milligan Coughlin
Anthony Melonakis, Law Office of
*Messner & Reeves
*Mitchem & Flanigan
Montano, Duane
*Montgomery, Little, Soran & Murray
Roger Moore, Law Office of
Moseley, Busser & Appleton
*Movitz, Neil P.
*Mulliken, Weiner, Karsh, Berg & Jolivet
*Murillo / Associates
*Murray, Franke, Greenhouse, List & Lippitt

Nathan Bremer Dumm & Myers
*Neiley and Alder
Noel & Krieger
Noone, Robert M.

Olsen & Brown
Otten Johnson Robinson Neff + Ragonetti
*Otto, Porterfield & Ayres
Overton Law Firm
Overturf & McGath

Patton Boggs
Patton Law Office
Pelz, Bonifazi & Inderwish
Porter, Chris A.
Powers Phillips

*Quinn, Terrance J.

Rautenstraus & Joss
Renne, Karen S.
*Richmond, Sprouse & Murphy
*Robbins, Rohn
Richard Rosenblatt & Associates
Richard Rosen, Law Office of
*Robinson, Waters & O’Dorisio
*Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons, (Denver)
*Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons, (Colorado Springs)
*Rubin & Zimmerman
Rufner, Richard K.

Sackett, Mark H.
*Schiefen, Lori M.
Schroeder, Richard O.
Schlueter, Mahoney & Ross
Seaman, Murphy & Chambers
*Senn, Lewis & Visciano
*Sherman & Howard
Silverman & Olivas
Simon, Harry L.
Smollett, C. Jean
Snell & Wilmer
Solomon, Pearl, Blum, Heymann & Stich
*Sperberg & Associates
Staliwe, Arthur G.
Starrs Mihm & Caschette
*Stovall Kinsella
Sweetser Law Firm

Schunk & Dunn
*Stutz, Miller & Urtz
*Sutton & Gulley
Swenson, Frederick L.

Thomas, Mark H.
Tobin, Patrick J.
*Treece, Alfrey, Musat & Bosworth
Tremaine, Richard
Turner & Turner
Turner, Cecil L.
*Tyler, David G.

Joel N. Varnell & Associates
Vranesh & Raisch

Walberg, Dagner, & Tucker
Walsh Law
Wells, Fred D.
*Wells, Anderson & Race
*Wells, Love & Scoby
*West, Brown, Huntley & Thompson
White & Steele
*Whitmer, Kent
Wilbur, Michael
Williams, Turner & Holmes
Willman, Charles H.
*Willis & Associates
Winter, Robert
Winzenburg, Leff, Purvis & Payne
Wolf & Associates
Wolf & Slatkin
*Wood, Ris & Hames
*Woodland, Edward G.

Young Hoffman
Younge & Hockensmith

Zak, Fox and Pehr
Zodrow & Associates
Zupkuss & Angell

Special Master

*Fellow, Academy of Court Appointed Masters

Special Master Cases
Case: Ferris v. Poplarhouse, et al, 2002cv265, District Court, Summit County, Colorado

Judge: Chief Judge, 5th Judicial District, Honorable Terry Ruckriegle.

Dates of Service: 2/2004 — 11/2005

Case Synopsis: Multi-party, construction defect case involving mold. Plaintiffs also alleged personal injury from exposure to mold. During the case, the primary Plaintiff died and a wrongful death claim was added. Multi-million dollar damages were alleged against developer, architects, builder, subcontractors and their insurance carriers.

My duties related to pre-trial discovery, including rulings on all pre-trial, non-dispositive, pleadings. This involved protective orders, sanctions, Rule 16 and 26 disclosure issues, motions to compel, motions re privacy of non-party medical records (including Arizona law). It was necessary to create supplemental deposition rules and attend certain depositions. None of my rulings were appealed or modified by the Court.



Case: Johnson v. Landmark, 2001cv313, District Court, Eagle County, Colorado

Judge: District Judge, Honorable Thomas Moorhead

Dates of Service: 3/2004 — 11/2004

Case Synopsis: Business dispute involving interference with contractual relations and other claims between former employees and employer.

My duties concerned all pending discovery, ruling on numerous unresolved motions, sanctions, protective orders, deadlines, scope of discovery, and numerous procedural matters. None of my rulings were appealed or modified by the Court.



Case: Points of Colorado v. Ace Insulations, et al, 2002cv383, District Court, Eagle County, Colorado

Judge: District Judge, Honorable Thomas Moorhead

Dates of Service: 4/2004 — 11/2004

Case Synopsis: Mechanics’ Lien and construction defect. A multi-party, multi-million dollar case that was settled by arbitration and required minimal involvement by me as Special Master.



Case: Daly v. Daly, 2002DR2233, District Court, Jefferson County, Colorado

Judge: District Judge, Division 11, Honorable Steven M. Munsinger

Dates of Service: 12/2004 -– 5/2005

Case Synopsis: I was appointed to oversee the completion of discovery related to the disputed valuation of a business. Under my direction, a non-compliant Party produced significant undisclosed documentation. The resulting Special Master Report was incorporated into the Court’s Final Order.



Case: Richmond American Homes v. Steel Floors, et al. Consolidated case 2004cv803, Jefferson County, Colorado

Judge: District Judge, Div. 11, Honorable Steven M. Munsinger

Dates of Service: 11/2007 — 3/2009

Case Synopsis: A consolidated complex construction defect case involving mold and water damage claims in over 3,300 single family homes constructed over many years. Each home was considered a separate claim. Rule 26 disclosures revealed an estimated two million paper documents and photos. Developer Plaintiff claimed over twenty-million dollars in damages from twenty-three Defendant subcontractors. Most parties had multiple insurance carriers with various “times on the risk.”

Under my supervision, all paper documents and photos were imaged and a web-based electronically searchable database created which was interfaced with Xcel spreadsheets. Included in my Orders and Directives were cost sharing and cost shifting resolutions. All parties settled pre-trial.



Case: [Suppressed Case] District Court, Jefferson County, Colorado

Judge: District Judge, Division 8, Honorable Margie L. Enquist

Dates of Service: 1/2010 — current

Case Synopsis: This was a suppressed, multi-party case. General issues: Commercial entity dissolution involving allegations of fraud, usurpation of corporate opportunity. My duties related to resolution of letters rogatory, out of state depositions, privilege claims, in camera reviews, forensic inspections, protective orders, and issues related to large volume electronic discovery.

Ultimately, I was requested by all parties to act as mediator and the case was settled.



Case: Richmond American Homes v. Scott Contracting, et al. 09cv4742, District Court, Jefferson County, Div.2

Judge: District Judge, Honorable Christie Phillips

Dates of Service: 3/2011 — 6/2011

Case Synopsis: Multi-party, construction/professional services dispute. My duty was to provide a Report and Recommendation related to multiple discovery documents claimed as privileged or confidential. My Report was adopted and incorporated into a Court Order without modification or appeal. The case settled very shortly thereafter.



Case: Summit School District RE-1 and Town of Breckenridge v. Breckenridge Development Foundation

Judge: Chief Judge, 5th Judicial District, Honorable Terry Ruckriegle

Dates of Service: 1999-2002.

Case Synopsis: A dispute involving the valuation of a 66-acre parcel immediately adjoining the Town of Breckenridge. The property was zoned for an airport and adjoining commercial development. The valuation experts for the opposing parties differed in their opinions by $10,000,000.

I was selected by all parties to chair the valuation proceedings. The property had been condemned, in phases, by separate entities, each for different uses. There were several multiple-day hearings over a two-year period. I presided over the hearings and drafted all Rulings and the Final Valuation Report that was adopted, without modification, by the Court.

Upon appeal, the Colorado Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed the judgment without an opinion. 2002 Colo. App. LEXIS 1297. The Colorado Supreme Court, en banc, denied cert. 2002 Colo. LEXIS 1209.


Retained by Keystone Real Estate (Intrawest) to facilitate meetings between developer (Keystone/ Vail Resorts) and numerous interested parties (Homeowners’ Associations) and Summit County Planning Department. November/ December 2002.



Numerous Homeowner Associations have retained my services over the years to act as a facilitator for Homeowner and Board meetings.




Dennis Callan founded Counsel Mediation, LLC in 2001 after retiring from twenty-five years as senior partner of a law firm in Breckenridge, Colorado. He offers ADR and special master services in all commercial matters with an emphasis on real estate and construction. Personal inquiries for further information are welcome.