Dennis Callan founded Counsel Mediation, LLC in 2001 after twenty-five years as the senior partner in a law firm focusing on real estate, construction, and business matters. His direct, realistic, and sensitive approach has proven highly successful for people seeking an alternative to the economic and personal stress of litigation.

As detailed in the Resume section, Dennis has excellent academic and legal credentials that are complimented by a real life, sensible approach to dispute resolution. His on-the-job experience in the construction industry evolved into a broad spectrum of commercial endeavors. As a result, he has been a principal and an advisor in multiple complex business, real estate, and construction transactions. These areas remain an emphasis for his mediation, arbitration and special master services.

Dennis is well known for his solid credibility, incisive perspective, and practical approach to problem solving. In addition to his mediation and arbitration services, his legal expertise and business background have led to many court appointments as a Special Master in various complicated and contentious lawsuits.

Contact Dennis when you require a very capable, reasonable, and absolutely dedicated alternative dispute resolution expert.